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Differentiate tan1{1+sinx+1sinx1+sinx1sinx}, 0<x<π



hello to differentiate 1 + sin x + root of 1 upon 1 + root cos x by 2 + sin x by 2 antim lovely 1 - sin x cos x by 2 minus sin x by 2 Sirf this 1 - sin x is in a under root and we can we can get we should try to an at right to do that if we take on the route of these
are 1 - sin x 10 Vin check that whether this function is cos x minus 2 minus 2 is positive or negative in cheque in Axis 02582 then check my 2020 in intimate 02582 to check whether cost at my to render and all the time required to check this then we should take on the root office like one man so let's put the next draw a graph let's draw a time and what is the y axis this is what it is it
also helped me to draw the graph of sin x Anarkali kurti cutting point is that in interval interval 02849 QT interval X by 2 into cos x by 2 and internal what pi by 4 to Fir to sin x is greater than cos x how can I defined
function define input what if you take under rupees to x x y Tu and plus if we take a 10025 a force that is what is that minus cos x by 2 minus sin x by 2 upon light 2 same here this is cost required to sin x by 2 minus cos x by 2
from zero to cancel out is costly cancel out and also out with call X by 2 sign expert means what Court function is becomes like what can in word anyone got explain to write is what if you write it as any worse this is what to expect function of Finance in 2025 in YouTube in define
in 542 what 582 so what we get what and this is it cos x by 2 + sin x by 2 and now we first need to write sin x because interview 5925 Man Ko to pi by 2 is sin x sin x is greater than cause that way to write is what sin x by 2 minus upon this is what cos x by 2 + sin x by 2 minus sin x by 2 + cos x in what we get what can x b
certificate 1810 in word 10 x 12 Vin X by 2 is goes to Fir main 42592 define this function function Y is equal to what tan inverse tan inverse what are 10 payment of 5.2 - X by 2 when X is not equal to is not Zero 2 fibre food and again this is 10 inverse connect me to go to w 584 58425 photo solving what we get is Y is equal to
Little millet 52 - 52 52 - 2x when this post 2584 and this is what 5858 if you differentiate this so what we get why De is equal to what minus 1 by 2 and 1 by 2 when X what to do kya answer thank you


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