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Differentiate tan^(-1){sqrt((1...

Differentiate `tan^(-1){sqrt((1+sinx)/(1-sinx))},\ -pi/2<x<pi/2` with respect to `x` :


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11 solved question is if Y is equal to tan inverse root of 1 - sin x upon 1 + sin a then value we have to give it that why is equal to tan inverse root of 1 - sin a upon oneplus I want to listen now let's take it one is equal to what is right Circus Square X into sin x sin x 2 sin x by 2 and cos x by 2 call function becomes like what sin x sin x by 2 minus 2

whole square School Sainikpuri to minus cos theta by 1 + sin x sin x sin x by 2 + cos x by 2 the whole this can be given us understand what this is sin x sin x minus cos x website link there is no difference between like and upon x square upon 2 and is also expressed and again what we write this white corset

by 2 + sin x by 2 another account is under root under 10 I have a cos x by 2 minus sin x by 2 upon what cos x + X by 2 + sin x y time expect if we take common what we take call so what we get it then in word 1 - 10 x by 2 upon 1 + 10 x 8 if we write what we can if you apply this format then

what 584 -2 10548 1 minus 10 x 12 tan pi by 4 into 10 equal to which month oneplus so this can be written report tan inverse what can 584 - what 5 by 4 minus x find DY by DX is equal to what 0 -