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Differentiate tan^(-1){sqrt((1...

Differentiate `tan^(-1){sqrt((1-cosx)/(1+cosx))},\ -pi<x<pi` with respect to `x` :


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here we have the question differentiate tan inverse of root of 1 - cos x by 1 + cos x and x lies in the range of - Dubai with respect to X solution given Y = tan inverse of 1 - cos x by 1 + cos x boys time inverse of here we can write 1 - cos x as to sin square x by 2 minus 1 + cos x + 2 cos square x b does 2 sin square x by 2 by 2 cos square x by 2 into 2 cancer Y = tan inverse

X causes tan tan Square X by 2 here in this given range tan inverse and 10 will get cancel and why will simply become its by to that is why equals expired two letters differentiators De bye bye dx11 of X by 2 with respect to X which is the four in DY by DX is equals to 1 by 2 answer thank you