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Differentiate log sinx from f...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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in this question we need to differentiate information from people so that the function f x = Logon now using first principle we can write that every sax will be question limit X tends to zero X + 5 - effects / will be close to Limit X tends to zero and in place of X + H I will die down this so this will be log of sign in place of a ride on X + A minus sin x / h Now since we know that sign of a

+ b = in place of sin x + that we can write this that is for updates and will be question limit X tends to zero log of can we have in place of a XNN place of the h so this is equal to Sin of sin x cos x + cos x sin x minus sin x whole divided by H no gain things we know that log bhi net se BTC = log of BC in place of a we have this so

equals to Limit and log sin x + cos x divided by sin x again whole divided by we will get this error = 2x = limit log of this will be fine if it gets cancelled now so Cos A + B whole divided by h

now limit X tends to zero cost will be equal to 17 place of causes a light on one will be equal to Limit X tends to zero log of 1 + cot X / we have limit X tends to zero has equal to show now since we know that limit X tends to zero log of oneplus x divided by X equal to Y we have got into Signage in denominator will try to create cot X into sin this can be written as

request limit log of 1 + cot X divided by sin square divided by X into sin x + 2 X into sin / that this part follows this so this part will be equal to 1 so we have one into limit X tends to zero X into sin x by H again limit X tends to zero sin x by X = 1 so that will be cos2x which is our required answer


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