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Differentiate e^(2x)logx with ...

Differentiate e^(2x)logx with respect to x .



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Updated On: 13-4-2021

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00:00 - 00:59hello everyone what are the questions that we have to differentiate it to the power 2 X log x with respect to x minus 2 is that why is equal to e to the power 2 X Into X differentiate them with the help of the multiplication rule of differentiation what the rule says that if you don't be is given to us than the definition will be first Yudh differentiation into B + then we differentiation into you let's take it to the power 2 x as you and log x as being the number of I will be what it to the power 2 X differentiation will be it will be e to the power 2 X but for the 2x it will become too into as the two on differentiate into it will become too and come in the forward and into lowercase plus no on differentiating log x what will have people have one upon X into e to the power 2
01:00 - 01:59know if it take Y is equal to 8 to the power 2 X common then we are left with 2 log x + 1 upon X and this is a were required answer is thank you

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