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Class 9






Area Of Parallelograms And Triangles


Diagonals A C\ a n d\ B D of a...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello I hope you find area of a letter start with the solution quadrilateral given we have been given that AC and BD of a quadrilateral bisect at a circle intersect at O and sorry it intersect

write area of area of a bi Si Di I have to prove that ABCD is a trapezium in the proof that that ABCD is a quadrilateral and what we have to prove that opposite in OK then it is definitely a trapezium

consider two Triangles is equal to right given to us now on area of triangle BOC consider two triangles

DC and also their areas are equal to that ok that is having equal highlight so we can say that there between and

two Triangles having same base and having same between the parallel lines from this we can say that AB is parallel to dc right opposite opposite side ABCD prove that AB is ok I have prove that AB is parallel to CD so from this one pair of opposite side if I have proved that one

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