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Area Of Parallelograms And Triangles


Diagonals A C\ a n d\ B D of a...

Diagonals `A C\ a n d\ B D` of a quadrilateral `A B C D` intersect at `O` in such a way that `a r\ ( A O D)=a r\ (\ B O C)dot` Prove that `A B C D` is a trapezium.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : Given: `ar(ΔAOD)=ar(ΔBOC)`<br>To prove: `ABCD` is a trapezium.<br>Proof: `ar(ΔAOD)=ar(ΔBOC)`<br>`=>ar(ΔAOD)+ar(ΔAOB)=ar(ΔBOC)+ar(ΔAOB)`<br>`=>ar(ΔADB)=ar(ΔACB)`<br>Areas of `ΔADB` and `ΔACB` are equal.<br>Thus,They should be lying between the same parallel lines.<br>Hence `AB∥CD`<br>`therefore` ABCD is a trapezium.<br>Hence Proved.


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ok so we're given with that diagonal AC and BD of a quadrilateral ABCD intersect at o two diagonals Hai a quadrilateral abcd ke so in that further in such a way that area of a ODI is equal to area of triangle it is Hamen given ki jo triangle ka area hai what is given to us we have area of triangle is equal to area of triangle given and what we have to prove we have to prove that ABCD is a trapezium Humko so construction that look men already Halfway draw kar diya so Yahan per Humne draw kya DN perpendicular to A B and C M perpendicular to ab

Iske proof lete hain SO Hamen kya already Jo given Hai we will take that it is given that area of triangle is equal to area of triangle at Karta Hai adding area of triangle aoe2 both side ok so Agar Hum Dono side add kar denge Tu Yahan per Hamen kya Milega and RHS Milega ok so Yahan per Hamen hamare pass a Gaya triangle ABC and triangle ACB is equal areas so Agar Ham ok so Yahan per Hamla the

area of triangle area area of triangle is equal to half into base into height mahapanan Virat and ABD Agar Ham a related to it will be half Yahan per base kya ho jaega ab height will be DNA and if we take area of triangle is TB then it will be half into base that is a b into height that CM so se Agaram cancer out Karen 21 by 27 Mai to cancel ABC dancer Saiya Se Mar pasave Jaega d n equal to CM se Agar Ham Apne se Dekhenge cmk Aaj Kyon Kyunki is perpendicular to ab CMS perpendicular to Ab

Yahan Se Maar pass kiya Jata Hai Laddi we get DNA DN is a parallelogram is a parallelogram so agree a parallelogram are there force DC will be parallel to ab because a parallelogram has a pair of opposite sides equal and parallel so we get as trapezium does ABCD is a trapezium