Determine whether the function is even, odd or niether even or odd. <br> (a) `f(x)=5-x^(2)` (b) `f(x)=|-x|` (c ) `f(x)=[x]` (d) `f(x)=|x-2|` (e) `f(x)=-x|x|`

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

Answer :
f(x) (b) `|x|` (c ) `-1` (d) 4 (e) f(x)


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question is determine whether the function is even or odd neither a nor in the first component effective for 25 - 6 Company model and what are the properties of odd function f of x minus 1 equal to zero ok and what is and what you even function event company

Peppa Pig is equals to minus the first function is not going to find minus minus x will be 5 minus minus x square minus x square minus x square minus ok even function na I am going to Tekken Mod - - 600034

what is this is MOD x minus will be removed because of what we both are same type of x is equal to the power minus x students no problem not that I am going to find this I am going to write to get it ok and now I am going to find - 4 - Access 2010 -

and also is not equal to minus the four ok this is not a student's no problem neither hot nor even when you can also take support I'm taking execute 2.2.3 is 2 and get -2.3 - 3 and you can see both both didn't follow in 1 -2 now I am going to paint a pot -6

Facebook minus x minus x minus 2 x minus 4 x + 2 and you can see it does not follow this product ok this is neither or not want not even having to find about - 4 - 6 will be replaced with minus x minus into minus plus into minus b into model and you will compare both both negative effect is equal to minus into model

ok and this rule is this ok I am sorry negative not ok Student No problem thank you

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