Determine whether the following pair of lines intersect or not. i. r=ˆiˆj+λ(2ˆi+ˆk),r=2ˆiˆj+μ(ˆi+ˆjˆk)

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Here a1=ij,a2=2ˆiˆj,b1=2ˆi+ˆkandb2=ˆi+ˆjˆk
Now [a2a1b1b2]=∣ ∣211+10201111∣ ∣
=∣ ∣100201111∣ ∣
Thus, the two given lines do not intersect.
ii. Here a1=ˆi+ˆjˆk,a2=4ˆiˆk,b1=3ˆiˆjandb2=2ˆi+3ˆk
[a2a1b1b2]=∣ ∣41011+1310203∣ ∣
=∣ ∣310310203∣ ∣=0
Thus, the two given lines intersect. Let us obtain the point of intersection of the two given lines.
For some values of λ and μ, the two values of r must coincide. Thus,
or (3+2μ3λ)ˆi+(λ1)ˆj+3μˆk=0
or 3+2μ3λ=0,λ1=0,3μ=0
Solving, we obtain λ=1andμ=0
Therefore, the point of intersection is r=4ˆiˆk( by putting μ=0 in the second equation).

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