Determine whether the following functions are even or odd or neither even nor odd: <br> `sin(x^(2)+1)`

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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student question is determine whether the following functions that even or odd on either even not pod and the function is time x square + Play Store this problem how to determine whether a function is order not to do when a perfect is equals to minus minus 1 then function is called and when function is event when a perfect is equals to a power -2 am going to consider f of X is equals to Sin of x square + 1 As given in question ok student next time going to find a Pop - 84 - 120 time OK - x square that will become X square + 1

here you can see a Pop egg is equals to minus x ok and this is condition for even Pankaj condition for even function f x is even function thank you didn't

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