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Determine the value(s) of constant(s) involved in the definition so that the given function is continuous: f(x)={4\ \ \ ,\ \ \ if\ xlt=-1,\ \ \ \a x^2+b\ \ \ ,\ \ \ ifx> -1



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Updated On: 3-4-2021

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00:00 - 00:59question question in which we have to determine the values of constant which is available in the question so that the function is given by is constant if the function is continuous then we have to calculate the value of constant AB equal to 4 if it's is less than equal to -1 and it is a square + b if it's more than one so we can start with the given function so if it is equal to if it's listen equal to -1 in it is a square + b if x is more than -12 now we can check we can calculate video lectures as well as its first of all we can calculate the value of addition if limit X approaches to -1 negative that we are applying for a function which is
01:00 - 01:59equal to Limit X approaches to negative of negative so the function which is less than one is more so because who is the counter number we cannot put the limit of IT in this phone now we can calculate the value of Rs 650 today value is Aarakshan limit it approaches to oneplus of function which is equal to Limit X approaches to 1 + 1 + function 88 which is more than - 21 plus minus 1 + - 1 + + is it is interesting that fear of flying from when to when its approaches to minus 1 + x x minus 1 + X is it is a condition of Neeraj points me win
02:00 - 02:59a nearest point in minus 1 then we will move on to the Isis in OS X 20 so that is equal to Limit X tends to zero and a + b whole square + b now we can put the video limit in this will get into the whole square + b which is equal to a into one square is equal to a + b so now it is equal to enter value function minus 1 equal to four also since the function is continuous function is given continuous that it is equal to is equal value of function so cell delicious equal to Rs equal to Video function so the value of the value
03:00 - 03:59equal to a + b and w function is also a + b equal to 4 so because we have already we have only one equation so that this is the required equation which is the required definition of equation of a m u

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