Determine the type (isosceles, right-angled, right-angled isosceles, equilateral, scalence) of the triangles whose vertices are: (-2, 5), (7, 10), (3, -4)



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Updated On: 21-6-2021

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00:00 - 00:59hello student in this question we are give and determine the type whether it is isosceles right angled right angled isosceles equilateral scalene of the triangle whose vertices are - 25 710 and 3 -4 ok means we have given a triangle that said this is the triangle ok this is the triangle it's a OK then we are given a which is -25 let's say this is P which is 7 and chromatin and let's say this is a point C which is -4 first of all we will find the distance of
01:00 - 01:59the sites ok we know there is a concept if you have a line and you know the endpoints of this line that say this is be X1 Y1 and this is X2 Y2 then distance ab will be under under root x minus x 1 X 1 - X square + Y 1 - Y2 whole square this is the concept ok using this concept you can say ab will be what will be a b will be under root under Road 10 - 5 ok 10 - 5 whole square + 7 plus two whole square
02:00 - 02:59this will be under Road 2510 -55 square is 25 981 Satish will be under Road 106 and this site will be bought a sea side AC will be a AC will be under -2 -3 whole square + 5 + 4 y square ok this will be under 25 + 9 square is 81 again this will be under root 1068 and the side BC what
03:00 - 03:59will be busy will be 7 - 3 whole square + 10 + 4 whole square at the spillway under root 7 minus 3 4 square 16 + 14 14 square is 196 right 196 and this will be under 2128 now since a b and ac are equal and this PC is different it mean this site and these sides are equal it mean but this site at this site is different it mean this cannot be created triangle
04:00 - 04:59why because all the sites are not equal now this can be this is this cannot be a scalene also because two sides are equal right scalene triangle is 2 triangle whose all sides are unequal so this cannot be skellern now this can be isosceles right angled at a right angle isosceles to find the right angled isosceles right angled we need to find slope of this ab and AC rate so slope of this ab will be what we know there is a concept if you have a line and you know two points on this line gets A and B
05:00 - 05:59having co-ordinate X1 Y1 X2 Y2 and slope of this year we will be white 2 - Y1 upon upon x 2 - 61 ok this is the concept using this concept you can say Slope of a b will be what Slope of a we will be 10 - 57 - - 210 - 5 and - 57 - - + to this will be what 5.9 similarly slope of AC will be what slope of AC will Wave Y to minus y 15 + 4 - 2 - 3 ok slope of AC will be Slope of a she will be 5 plus 4 upon
06:00 - 06:595 plus 4 upon 2 minus one upon x 2 - expand means -2 -3 and -2 -3 it will be 9app on -5 now if you will see carefully Slope of a Pintu slope of AC Railway what Slope of a b is 5.9 into slope of Asus - 95 99 cancel out if I will also can fill out this will be -1 onley it means there is a concept if you know if you have two lines having slope M1 and M2 and both the lines are perpendicular to each other then the concept is amount
07:00 - 07:59into M2 will be -1 ok this is the concept using this concept you can say since slope of Ab into slope of AC is equal to -1 ok this implies this imply a be perpendicular to AC means a b and ac are perpendicular to each other and ac are perpendicular to each other means this angle will be 90 degree angle B 90 degree it means this triangle ABC will be either right angle a right angled isosceles this cannot be isosceles out of these two which will be true
08:00 - 08:59Vinu ab and ac are equal right since this both sides are equal so this will be right angled and isosceles also so this will be right angled isosceles triangle this will be the correct option ok thank you

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