Determine the probability p, for each of the following events.
(i) An odd number appears in a single toss of a fair die.
(ii) Atleast one head apperas in two tosses of a fair coin.
(iii) A king, 9 of hearts or 3 of spades appears in drawing a single card from a well shuffled ordinary deck of 52 cards.
(iv) The sum of 6 appears in a single toss of a pair of fair dice.

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(i) When a die is throw the possible outcomes are
S={1,2,3,4,5,6}" out of which "1,3,5 " are odd,"
Required probability=36=12
(ii) When a fair coin is tossed two times the sample space is
In at least one head favourable enonts are HH, HT, TH
Required probability =34
(iii) Total cards = 52
Favourable = 4 king +2 of heart +3 of spade =4+1+1=6
Required probability =652=326
(iv) When a pair of dice is rolled total sample parts are 36. Out of which (1,5), (5,1), (2,4), (4,2) and (3,3),
Required probability =536

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