Determine the area of the figure bounded by two branches of the curve (y-x)^(2)=x^(3) and the straight line x=1.



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Updated On: 4-5-2021

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Answer :
`4/5` sq unit



00:00 - 00:59students in this section we have to determine the area of Y minus x square is equal to x cube and the straight line is equal to one line now let us see this equation Y minus x square is equal to execute a it will have to root so latest what are the two roots we can have 5 - X will be if I take this on both sides will be getting X ^ 3 by 2 is considered to intervals that is open equation into two integral so first we will take the interval x y - which is greater than or equal to zero and another one we can take it
01:00 - 01:59which is it is this equation open separable so here we can see that Y - will be equal to x 3 by 2 and hear the equation will open in this way by minus x will be equal to ration office interest rate minus 4 Y - X will be equal to X ^ 3 by 2 ok now we have two forms of equations will have to talk to later see how to draw this two crops produced at the co-ordinate Axes and we can draw this thread is take this partner taxes and now let it grow the to cross the first ko latest mark this Court has F1 and it is marked this as if to we can see that these two calls will be will
02:00 - 02:59behave in the same way just one cup will look like this this letters let this be F1 car will look like which is to call ok now we have to find area is two branches of the and straight line X equal to what latest Ek the line X equal to 1 with b and the region between the cross the line X equal to one interested from where here in the x-axis that is this is X equal to 1 Life ok now all it is hurting the region bounded by the and the equal to one line to the curve required for of will be the shaded region in the area between these two regions is for F1 F2 the line X equal to
03:00 - 03:59latest how can we find out the area under the car under the curve F1 can we even even will be written as integration 0 to 1 area under this season that is which which region and talked about and talk about this region is a fun area and this region area a one is zero to one and a little what is white Y is equal to hear X + X ^ 2 and here we will be equal to adjust solve in terms of life so here I will be Y is equal to x minus x ^ 3 B to have these two terms of integrated show latest put the value of Y here it
04:00 - 04:59will be wide x ok so we can write 8021 interval at + X ^ 3 by 2 pole integrated with respect to date 9 letters integrated you will get this as an integration of x ^ n can be written as X ^ n + 1 / n + 1 ok so here it will be X ^ 2 by 2 into this formula and another one will be X ^ 5 by 2 / 5 by 2 now where to put the integral in this range is put the interval in this range here if after putting enter well what we are getting getting this is as 1 by 2 and put one so I will get
05:00 - 05:59255 now if I put the zero interval the both of the terms will become zero to solve it so we will get as 9 by 10 ok now this is the area under the first 9 letters find out the area under 2nd for sopot that we have to now solve it the area under the second of all latest latest area under the subsequent of as 8282 will be we can marketers area under the second ok and the address can be written as a two week and integrated from 0 to 180 this is the wife of 2 ka so we can integrated from
06:00 - 06:590 to 1 x minus x ^ 3 by 2 and integrated with respect to be integrated with the help of this formula will be 52 minus x ^ 5 by 2 by 5 by 2 so let us put the interval here if I put the interval I will be getting 1 by 2 minus 2 by 5 ok so I am if I put zero it will be that on 60 latest solve it and getting one by 10 ok so I am getting the required area can be written as area A1 Lite area in Britain as area a 1 -2
07:00 - 07:59area under these two and area will be 9 - 10 - 1 by 10 the difference of these two areas of this area and this area so this will come around 8 by 10 so that is equal to 4 by 5 squared this is a required answer solution

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