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Describe the following sets in...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Sohail we have to represent this set builder form in roster form ok as in wooded roster form is represented so so this was a form is represented from a capital letter that is se ok which is equals to sew a set always start with the curly bracket in always closes with curly bracket ok so a b c are the elements of the set so basically it is used to distinguish between the elements of this is our roster form so the condition so the given set builder form is X such that X is a two digit number is such that sum of digits is it ok so latest the note this set builder form from capital letters a b ok

Sabhi is Sabhi is basically X such that X is a two digit number ok such that such that the sum is it ok that is the note latest be noted two digit number ab so X is equals to ab hair b is the ones place and is the tens place ok so it is given to us that A + B must be equal to date so latest write the numbers over here so 17 is a

number that satisfy this condition as 7 + 1 is a sweet 26 also satisfy this condition 35 also satisfy this condition 44 also satisfy this condition 53 also satisfy this condition 62 also satisfy this condition ok and 71 also satisfy this condition and from negative numbers we have find out that only this number satisfy this condition so required roster form will be b is equals to so it will be 1726 comma 35 4453

6271 -19 also these all numbers are two digit number ok and it must satisfy the conditions given to us it must not be like this like 210 ok so it must be not a 3 digit numbers so it must be a two digit number and also it must satisfy a + b is equals to 8 this is a required rooster

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