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ΔABC , A+B=65, B+C=140,then B is equal to



hello in this question is given that triangle abc angle A + angle b is equal to 60 degree and sum of Angle B + angle C is equal to 140 degree then we need to find the value of Angle B ok so what is the thing that is given to syndication that sum of angle A and sum of angle b is equal to 65 degrees that is given and similar sum of Angle B and angle C is equal to 140 degrees it is also given ok so it is triangle ABC show me know that in triangle abc angle A + Angle B and angle C Devi three angles and all the sum will be equal to 180 degree this is what this is angle sum property of triangle ok this is the angle sum property that sum of all the angles of triangle will be it always ok so angle A + B values given that is 65 degrees ok + angle C can be written as 140 - be so 140
- Angle B and this whole is equal to 180 degrees ok so here 65° plus 140 degree ok and - 180 degree this whole will be equal to angle we have shifted Angle B to the other side ok so on solving this angle be here it will be equal to 25 degrees ok so what we need to find way to find value of Angle B and we have calculated that it is equal to 25 degrees


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