Updated on:30/05/2023

Definite Integration



hello everyone let's start the question the persons is Definite Integration latest see what is Definite Integration is DS of capital f of x is equal to 1 then we say F of X is the derivative of capital of office of capital capital of of antiderivative of anti TB it is also known as indefinite integral and is given by the form Discover sign up offer
DS equal to Capital f of X + now a definite integral is integral with to specifically the lower limit and upper limit is used to represent an area under a curve in this figure you can see that is a function f of X with the integration of x will give us the area under the lower limit and the upper limit of an example to understand is an integral square equal to x cube + c
lower limit equal to 3 + c minus 2 upon 3 + c is a constant it gets cancer Hindi Vastavani upon 3 minus 1 upon x cube minus 1 upon which is a definite this is a definite integral thank you