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Class 9






Number System




Updated On: 27-06-2022



Step by step solution by experts to help you in doubt clearance & scoring excellent marks in exams.


please video mam padenge decimal ke bare mein decimals don't understand the concept of decimals we have to understand ki do Tarah Ke number hote hain Ek hote hain complete Ek hote hain incomplete incomplete numbers and complete numbers Indore ke bich mein difference kya hota hai let's try to understand it Jo complete number se Ham Inko define kar rahe the number line ke sabse number line per Ham Kis Tarah Se number per phone kar rahe the 1234 complete segment main integer array complete numbers deserts are complete number sir complete Agar ban hai to vah one Hai Tu Hi Tu Tu Hi -1 -2 absolute complete but incomplete number kya rahte hain unko

samajhne ke liye padega Yahan per sakte hain possibility koi number Yahan per Bulai karta hun ab course number and definition kahati Ki Is per Sare number try karte hain mujhe number Milta Hai Main support ki 1 by 28 number Mein Diya mein jo hota hai iska matlab completely Yahan per decimal Mein Ham likhate Hain Use important not 4.5 points on define kar diya usko Mumbai Tu Goa flight Vancouver define 1.00 if you want to yeah point Joda decimal decimal Yahi hota hai is point

combatant decimal Jo decimal value A Jaati Hai incomplete define karne ke liye hoti hai but in case of such numbers which are actually take half vahan per a 150 use Karen point 5.000 to suppose that we are talking about suppose hm65 if number is a samajhne Jaate Hain 15 + 1 by 5 write 1531 because 15005 visible what do we get 5

+ 1 by 5 kul milakar kesinga Hamara 3.2 likh raha hai ki Hamara Ek complete number hai aur point to Hamara Ek incomplete number hai number hai completely Hai company mein incomplete Hone Ko satisfy karne ke liye Humne complete number Nahin decimal Gali Jodi Hai that is what it is and discuss and decimal decimal com Aage aur acchi Tarah alag alag example alag alag kaun se app mein samjhenge ab Ham Agali video mein padenge is rational number ke bare mein


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