`cos(sin^-1 (3/5)+ cot^-1(3/2)) = 6/(5sqrt13)`


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : ` (##BLJ_HIN_MAT_XII_C03_SLV_064_S01.png" width="80%"> <br> माना `sin^(-1)""(3)/(5)=theta` <br> तब `sin theta=(3)/(5)implies tan theta=(3)/(4)` <br> `implies theta=tan^(-1)""(3)/(4)` <br> अब , माना <br> बायाँ पक्ष `=cos(sin^(-1)""(3)/(5)+cot^(-1)""(3)/(2))` <br> `= cos(theta+tan^(-1)""(2)/(3))` <br> ` = cos(tan^(-1)""(3)/(4)+tan^(-1)""(2)/(3))` <br> `= cos[tan^(-1)(((3)/(4)+(2)/(3))/(1-(3)/(4)xx(2)/(3)))]` <br> `=cos(tan^(-1)""(17)/(6))=cos(cos^(-1)""(6)/(sqrt(325)))` <br> `= (6)/(sqrt(325))=(6)/(5sqrt(13))=` दायाँ पक्ष


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