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Updated On: 20-06-2022

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Solution : In the given figure area of semicircle having AD`=(pir^2)/2=pi(4.5)^2/2` <br> Area of circle having diameter`=4.5cm` <br> `=pi(4.5/2)^2` <br> Area of semicircle having AB as diameter`=pi/2*(3/2)^2` <br> Area of shaded region`=` Area of part 1 `+` Area of third part - Area of second portion - Area of third portion - Area of fifth portion <br> Area of first part - Area of second part - Area of fifth part <br> `=pi/2[(4.5)^2-(4.5)^2/2-9/4]` <br> `=pi*3.9375cm^2`

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student have given Cos A upon 1 + so here we will do letter start with solution first of all we will to let the alleged that is nothing but cost upon 1 minus tan A + sin a upon 1 minus cot a place of any can I put upon cos so here I will put that cause I will be as it is upon one month the place of training I will put sin a upon Cos A similarly here

sign I will put Cos A upon sin no I will do cross multiplication after cross multiplication here I will get that is called in this course you will be multiplied 21 and discourse a after multiplying two one will goes to a person this cause a and this download cost will become is required to build nothing but a square and here I will get cost of a minus sin similarly here I will get Prime upon this I will multiplies 21 become sign in minus Cos of and upon sin a that enable goes to a multiplied and here will become prime square

now here I will do denominator common ok so for this what I have to do this will be as it is cos square A upon Cos A minus and here I will take medicine common to this - and this place will be nothing but a minor here it will be sin square A upon and this will become Cos A minus sin now simply what I will do I will take the denominator ok that is a minus sin and a person that I will get cos square of a minus sin square a look at this equation to this is nothing but a square minus b square B square minus b square can be written as ok a square minus b square can be written as

a minus b and a + b ok simply I will use here and I'll say cause of a + sin of another packet I will say call A minus sin and divided by Cos A minus sin a will be as it not this and this bracket will be get cancer and here we get the answer Cos A + sin of a look at the site of the given question that is sin a + cos A is same to this one it means from here I can say that the Earth is nothing but is equal and help it is true that I hope you like this

thank you

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