Class 11






Trigonometric Functions


cos e c(360^0)/7+cos e c(540^0...

`cos e c(360^0)/7+cos e c(540^0)/7=` `cos e c(180^0)/7` (b) `cos e c(90^0)/7` `sec(180^0)/7` (d) `sec(90^0)/7`


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special wap to find the value of cos 360 degree y7 plus cos F5 40 degree by let alpha be 180 degree by then we have 5 = 27 times of Alpha and this implies that is off Alpha = 25 - 4 Alpha so this implies that Sin of 3 Alpha is equal to sin 5 - 4 and 5 and sin 5 theta sin theta Alpha equation that is 360 degree by 75 40 degree by 7 and this can be written as 1 by 12 +

1 by son x x + sin 12 whole divided into 3 alpha + sin in the numerator we will have to sign 3 Alpha into cos alpha whole divided by sin 12 into sin 3 Alpha 9 series 3 and 4 will get cancelled and what we're left with 2 cos alpha whole divided by sin 12 so this will be equals to 2 cos alpha / 2 sin a into cos alpha so this is equals to cos alpha

180 degree by 7187 that is option is correct option