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Transformation Formulae


Convert each of the following ...

Convert each of the following products into the sum or difference of sines and cosines: `\ 2sin3thetasintheta`


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : `2 cos A cos B =cos (A+B)+cos (A-B)` <br><br> `A=4 theta quad B =3 theta` <br><br> `2 cos 4 theta cos 3 theta =cos (4 theta+3 theta)+cos (4 theta-3 theta)` <br><br> `=cos 7 theta+cos theta` <br><br>


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in this question we have to convert the given product of sine and cosine into some odd occurrences of sine and cosine to have a main products were given and 2 into sin 3 theta into sin theta Hamen is a sum and difference of sine and cosine Mein convert karna hai to have him identities Karenge trigonometric identity that Agar hamare pass 2 into Sin of a into cos of be sorry into Sin of B sin theta into Sin of we have se hamare pass iska form cost of a minus b a minus b minus main cause of a + b apply karte hain yahan se dekhiye to age ho jaega compared to a hamare pass 3 theta Aur Bhi hamare pass theta to apply

karte ho to hamare pass kiya Jayega that to into Sin of 3 theta into Sin of theta is equals to cos of 3 theta minus Mein Bik Vol 3 - cos of a 3 theta + sin theta it is equals to cos of 2 theta minus may cause of 4 theta the product given tha usse difference Mein convert kar diya aapko science this is the answer