Updated on:26/04/2023

Construct angle ABC=90. Draw BP, the bisector of angle ABC. State, the measure of angle PBC.


Text Solution

The correct Answer is PBC=45


question is construct angle abc equal to 90° draw BP the bisector of angle abc state the measure of angle pbcl2 fastly draw a line segment LED display and B be in this point BC not taking centre at bi we will grow semicircle
now taking centre at this point dual katanaka taking centre at this point you will Katrina care and anna care now Training Centre at this point will Katna care through cutting all these are the measurement of the compass remained unchanged now Jaenge to the point of intersection of both the extending at father that this point angle abc is 90 degrees now we have to draw the bisector of angle abc that is BP so taking centre at this point welkin Medicare not taking Centre this point will container care
joining the point of intersection of both the acts at this point we know we have to measure ABC show with the help of protector we will measure angle PVC PVC is equals to 45 degree angle abc equal to 45 degrees this is the answer this is the request solution thank you


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