Construct a square, if <br> (i) its one side is 3.8 cm. <br> (ii) Its each side is 4.3 cm. <br> (iii) one diagonal is 6.2 cm. <br> (iv) each diagona is 5.7 cm.



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Updated On: 9-6-2021

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00:00 - 00:59we have a question construct a square if its one side is 3.8 cm and its each side is 4.3 cm and one diagonal is 6.2 cm and each diagonal is 5.7 CM first we have to reminder as in a square all sides are equal as a property of squares it means all sides are 3cm and in s all side is a 4.3 CM so here we will take first year it's one side is 3.8 CM but as we know in a square all side will be the 3.8 CM so it's simple draw 3.8 cm from here cut an Arc of 3.8 cm from here but an Arc of 3.8
01:00 - 01:59CM make a perpendicular hear of 90 degree as we know the 90 degree is thrown let's draw and similar ARC and Katrina care and Katrina hair from both of Arc katanak as above so this point of intersection from here let support this is a and this is far from point be joined to this cut this is 3.8 CM as in a square all sides are equal this is the three points and this is a 3.8 CM just simply draw the line It looked like this same as here its look like this all similar it's like this means joined is named as she and named as De join the DC of three there will be 3.8 CM this is
02:00 - 02:593.8 CM so when we join DC it look like this is a square each side is 6.8 cm and a given in a question one side is 3.8 CM so let's A and B which is its and this is the required square as in second each side is 4.3 CM similarly as a second each side is 4.3 CM just similar 4.8 CM sorry 4.3 CM this is a and this is being here also similarly had the 90 degree draw a 90 degree and as a square this will be the 4.3 cm is meant let's suppose this is the 90 degree of 4.63 CM and here also the 4.3 CM
03:00 - 03:59M when we meet this both so it will be a square each side is a 4.3 cm is 4.3 CM 4.3 cm and here will be 4.3 CM as here we will draw the 90 degree angle as according to above its look like this as a previously we have made a 90° similarly here we will meet the 90 degree named as she and named as it's a It's not too complicated just only draw a 90 degree then after all these sides are equal 413410 4.3.7 4.3 CM now we have looked the third one one diagonal is 6.2 cm and diagonal is 6.2 CM let's suppose grow a line
04:00 - 04:59CM named as A and B are we will make the 90 degree same as are as a button to work of similar from both of our cut Above and line as a 90 degree and from here we have to make the diagonal diagonal make this is the bisector of the angle this it made this is the angle of 45 degree it made from a and from from and from this joint we have make an App from here we will make an hour or so later wrote this as a 6.2 CM suppose we have made this is a 6.2 CM so cut an Arc of 6.2 CM draw this as a c a c a b and ac named as hair De ABCD is a square with diagonal is 6.2 CM
05:00 - 05:59Sandesh diagonal is 6.2 CM ABCD square is made each diagonal is 5.7 CM similarly as third we will make a one diagonal of 5.7 cm and let's suppose here in this we have made a 6.2 and now we have to make the 5.7 CM AC will be 5.7 and they will be 5.7 so similarly as a step of third we will make here we have made this let's suppose we have drawn ab and at a we have made a 90 degree angle and but as a diagonal is the bisector of angle A so we have made of 45 degree angle it is a 45 degree and cut an Arc of 5.7 CM similarly as point be made an angle of 45 degree and cut an Arc of 5.7 CM so now we have joy
06:00 - 06:59this to work and DC and from point we have draw a and from see we have drawn BC and from CV headline BC to admit the square ABCD is constructed this is a required construction of a square

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