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Construct a DeltaABC in which ...

Construct a DeltaABC in which BC = 4.2 cm, AB = 4.6 cm and the altitude from B to AC is 3 cm.



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Updated On: 5-6-2021

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00:00 - 00:59hello friends so in this question it is given that construct a triangle ABC in which ab is equal to 4.2 CM ab is 4.6 and the altitude from B to a c 3 C M ok so here first I will draw a line I can say that the line is P Sonia I am drawing a line PQ ok from the scale now drawing altitude from Android attitude on tq ok so here I am doing it like this ok so this is my point De ok Nau I altitude from B to a c is given 3 cm so here you can see that this will be my 3cm I have to measure it and I have
01:00 - 01:59make a cut from the point to this line ok so this will be my be point and this distance is what 3 cm ok now in the question at a given what that BC is 4.2 CM ok so again from the scale you have to measure 4.2 CM so you can see that you sent from the point I will cut an Argon PQ of measure 4.2 CM ok so this is my bc of 4.2 CM so I will join this line this and this is a point C of 4.2 CM now to make 4.6 n so again I have to measure 4.6 CM ok
02:00 - 02:59so this will be my 4.6 and ok so from B point I will get an hour on this line pic and it is of waiter 4.6 ok and you have to join this line you are this line is for this is a beeline which 4.6 CM ok so this will be my required triangle ABC ok now here I am writing my steps of construction to you can see whenever it is in exam comes to we have to write steps of construction so that's why I am explaining ok so whatever are you doing to make this figure you have to write that step so first are made a line PQ meet line on p q
03:00 - 03:59point the perpendicular to PQ so you can see that a point D which is perpendicular to PQ ok now Mein make a point be on the measure 3 cm so you can see I made a point D here online the of measure 33 CM OK then what I have done from the major nice line and cut on this from a point B major
04:00 - 04:594.2 cm and cut name it ok similarly you have to do in this part also that from be you have kutta na kaun se now I am writing that join BC and be so busy required so understand the question thank you

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