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Construct a circuit diagram for the following Boolean Function <br> `(BC+A)(A'B'+C')+A'B'C'` <br> Using laws of Boolean Algebra, simplify the function and draw the simplified circuit.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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hello friends in this question we have given a Boolean expression which is this and we need to simplify this Boolean expression using Boolean Algebra and after this we have to make a simplified circuit now first of all we have given that BC + CA and a dash bid as a dash b dash proceed as a + b dash serious no first of all we have to open this so we can get BC a dash bede's + BC cedis plus a b dash + A + B dash and CDS now we know the property that the product of variable and its complement equal to zero so basically available equals to X let's available equal to X so we can say that x and x y equal to zero

from here we can say that b p bar equal to zero c c bar equal to zero a bar equal to zero in the hour in our expression we can say that this is equal to zero basically be and Bieber was also equal to zero because of c and sheba this also equal to zero because a and a bar so we can get AC bar + 8 days B.Sc days now now we have to take a Commerce serious so we can get A+ Aitbaar Bieber now we have to be no the property that a + b c equals to a + b + c we know the property now this property we can say that CDS equals to a + b + a bar and a + b bar so we can write

basically we know the against property that a + a compliment equal to 12 form here we can get this is equals to 1 from here we can get cds a + b dash so we can write as so we can write as AC dash acid as plus B.Sc days we have to make a circuit diagram so let's make circuit diagram this is a power line now we can say that this have a this is me and this is now we have to make a complement of Biba so we can get here Biba so we can get Habiba and from here we can say that this it becomes this becomes Seba now Bieber and see what we have to take and end of this Biba and Seema and we have to take

end of a and c bar so that support this is our way this is our Sheeba we have to take a end of this so we can make a like this AC bar now we have to take all of this we have to take all of this now we can get output is equal to f h f = 2 f = 2 AC bar + Biba fever so this is our simplified circuit diagram

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