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Consider the system of equations <br> x+y+z=6 <br> x+2y+3z=10 <br> x+2y+lambdaz =mu <br> The system has no solution if (a) lambda ne 3 (b) lambda =3, mu =10 (c) lambda =3, mu ne 10 (d) none of these



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Updated On: 8-5-2021

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`lambda ne 3``lambda =3, mu =10``lambda =3, mu ne 10`none of these

Answer :
Solution :
`Delta = |{:(1,,1,,1),(1,,2,,3),(1,,2,,lambda):}|=2lambda +3+2 -2-lambda -6=lambda -3` <br> `Delta_(1) = |{:(6,,1,,1),(10,,2,,3),(mu,,2,,lambda):}|=12lambda +3mu +20 -2mu -10lambda -36` <br> `=2lambda +mu -16` <br> `Delta_(2) =|{:(1,,6,,1),(1,,10,,3),(1,,mu,,lambda):}|=10lambda +18 +mu -10 -3mu -6lambda =4lambda -2mu +8` <br> `Delta_(3) = |{:(1,,1,,6),(1,,2,,10),(1,,2,,mu):}|=2mu +10 +12 -12 -mu -20 =mu -10` <br> Thus the system has unique solutions if `Delta ne 0 " or " lambda ne 3` and the system has infinite solution if `Delta=Delta_(1) =Delta_(2) =Delta_(3) =0 " ot " lambda =3` and `mu=10`. System has no solution if `Delta =0` and at least one of `Delta_(1) ,Delta_(2) ,Delta_(3)` is nonzero of `lambda =3 " and " mu ne =10`



00:00 - 00:59the system of equation X + Y + Z is equal to take X + 2 Y + 3 Z is equal to 10 X + 2 Y + lender that is equal to view the system has no solution if now we know that this example have not solution if the determinant of the coefficient matrix is zero that is determinant of this is 1 1 1 1 2 3 1 2 lamp = 20 call this is some have no I am expanding it along then this will be -1 hour 1 + 1 into 1 this will be
01:00 - 01:59to Lambda minus plus minus 1 is to the power 1 + 2 into 1 will be Lambda - + - 1 power 1 + 3 into one into this will be two minor finest and this was equal to zero now -1 hour to 12 this is -13 will be - 13 - Lambda and 2 - 2000 and whole of this equals to now to Lambda - Lambda is equals to minus 1 + 3 x minus 3 equal to zero is equal but we have got we have got that if
02:00 - 02:59Lambda is equal to 3 then this system has no solution we are given two options for Lambda is equal to Lambda is equal to 3 music was 210 and Lambda is equal to 3 is not equals to 10 so we have to find the condition for you now is equation 2 hair the ratio of coefficient of X is one by one the ratio of coefficients of Y2 / 1 / 11 and Lambda we have worked this is 3 so the ratio of coefficients of that will also be one by one now we know that if the ratio of two line are same then those lines are parallel and two lines are parallel that there exist infinite number of solutions but we want no solution that if the glaciers are same then 10 /
03:00 - 03:5910 / this must not equal to 1 by 1 because the ratio of these coefficients one by one right 121 this ratio is the ratio of 10 is too much not equal to minus 21 because if this is one then these two lines will be parallel and parallel lines have infinite solution but we want to thank you must not equal to 1 by 12 December 10 must not equal to condition for me this was not equal to 10 for note on the correct option will be played at is Lambda is equal to 3 and use not equal then show the correct option we have got and we're done thank you

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