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Consider the set S={1, 1} of square roots of unity and multiplication (×) as a binary operation on S Construct the composition table for multiplication (×) on S Also, find the identity element for multiplication on S and the inverses of various elements.



ok so this question we have given consider the set S1 - 1 of square root of unity and multiplication as a binary operation on a soviet to construct a composition table for multiplication On A and B have to find also The Identity element for multiplication on as and the inverse of the various elements have to call constructor composition table for a given the set as that is as is equals to 1 and -1 latest find the composition table for this ok bye have a binary operation as multiplication latest latest find the composition table composition table table is given by the multiplication the binary operation and we now write the elements share 1 -1 and 1 -1 ok now 11 this will be equal to 1 decimal equal to 1 minus 1 minus 1
- 11 - 1 and -1 -1 this will be equal to 1 so this is the required composition table that we have to construct now we will find the identity how we find the identity element we see the the row we will see the role in this one in the one the row is exactly identical to 20 elements 1 - 11 - 1 is also a and now for this one minus one we have for this -1 BF this here is -1 but here it is only one will see this column in which the row as column is exactly identical to this ok 2111 -1 -1 so let me just one row and one column from this is the element in this is the column now we'll see the common element in this show will see that the common element is one so we have
a density element that is equal to ok this is the identity element now to find out to find the inverse of various elements mean for inverse of 1 there are two elements that is 11 so which is identity element is the inverse of a teacher in the inverse of when will be one now we have to find the inverse of -1 so how will find the inverse of -1 will see what we will minus 2 find the inverse of -1 now she will find the identity element in the role of the element that is their identity element industry now the element which is just exactly upon it this is -1 -1 in the inverse of -1 which gives us what -1 is the inverse of
-1 is cell in so we find all the things we have former composition table BA from the we have found the identity element we have found the inverse of the tournament that is inverse of 1 is one Canvas and inverse of -1 also -1 -1 is the cell converts ok now we have done all the things that


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