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Class 12






Quadratic Equations - For Competition


Consider the quadratic equatio...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello student question is considered this quadratic equation with roots and B are such that sum of roots is a product of ok values of m for which Alpha is less than 1 and b is greater than 1 and this earth hour put option this I am going to draw its graph ok so this is alpha and beta it is less than 1 and other is better than once this point will be exposed to one ok now the only two condition will solve this question first days we should be greater than zero and S IS

one value should be less than when going to solve our first part which is a square minus 4 St that is MS square - 4 should be greater than zero we can write this as M minus 2 into 1 + 2 this will be greater than zero and Jude line between minus infinity to infinity this is -2 and this is to take a number get into will put in place of them will get positive sign and it will take a number between -2 to this will give negative sign and he will get positive side ok no problem ok I am going to 16 second part which is a 41 less than zero input text once this will come to me

M less than zero ok I am from Hell get em greater than to going to draw final number line for both the condition minus infinity to infinity is -2 this is too I will get to to infinity and here I will get this part ok and the second is in greater than two will get this part number 33 satisfy both the condition is 22 Infinity open at to this job answer ok student so options will be kare

and there will be open bracket thank you a student

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