Consider the polynomial function f(x)=x^7/7-x^6/6+x^5/5-x^4/4+x^3/3-x^2/2+x Statement-1: The equation f(x) = 0 can not have two or more roots. Statement-2: Rolles theorem is not applicable for y=f(x) on any interval [a, b] where a,b in R



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Updated On: 6-5-2021

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Answer :



00:00 - 00:59hello students today occasion is considered the polynomial function f x is equals to x power 7 / 7 - x power 6 / 6 plus power 5 / 5 minus x power 4 divided by 4 + x power 3 minus 3 minus x square + 2 X statement one is given by equation f x is equal to zero cannot have two roads and statement to his roles theorem is not applicable for vehicles to effects on an interval ab wear a and b belongs to are so we have effects is equal to so we can write the general form for this this is equal to submission and is equals to 1 up 27 here as we have power 7 year -1 power n + 1 and into x power and and this is / and so we have effects treatment
01:00 - 01:59one is f of X is equals to zero from here we can write summation 7 and -1 -1 and + 1 into x power and is equals to zero from here we can write these old terms will become zero here so we get x power n is equal to zero and X is equals to zero so we have only one root for effects statement one is pro hair treatment one is through now statement to is statement to his roles showroom is not applicable as we have given here roll showroom is not applicable for vehicles to effects so as there are no
02:00 - 02:59there is no interval aur effects f&a for effects f&s a&f of B is not given so rolls release theorem Palace restaurant this is also a so restaurant is not applicable here applicable hair and the nature of effect cannot be found and we cannot find the end we cannot find the nature of
03:00 - 03:59affects our statement to is so true So a statement to is also true so our statement to his statement 1 is true and statement to is true and statement is correct explanation of treatment one so this is our answer thank you

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