Consider the function h(x)=(g^(2)(x))/(2)+3x^(3)-5, where g(x) is a continuous and differentiable function. It is given that h(x) is a monotonically increasing function and g(0) = 4. Then which of the following is not true ?



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Updated On: 10-6-2021

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Answer :
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`h(x)=(g^(2)(x))/(2)+3x^(3)-5` <br> `h'(x)gt0` <br> `rArr" "g(x)g'(x)gt-9x^(2)` <br> `rArr" "int_(0)^(1)g(x)g'(x)dxgt-int_(0)^(1)9x^(2)dx` <br> `rArr" "((g(1))^(2)-(g(x))^(2))/(2)gt-3(1-0)` <br> `rArr" "(g(1))^(2)-16gt-6` <br> `rArr" "(g(1))^(2)gt10` <br> `" "int_(-1)^(0)g(x)g'(x)dx gt -int_(-1)^(0)9x^(2)dx` <br> `rArr" "((g(0))^(2)-(g(-1))^(2))/(2)gt-3(0-(-1))` <br> `rArr" "16-(g(-1))^(2)gt-6` <br> `rArr" "(g(-1))^(2)lt22` <br> `" "h(5)gth(0)` <br> `rArr" "h(5)gt(g^(2)(0))/(2)+3(0)-5=3`



00:00 - 00:59hello guys consider the function at X is equals to Z Square X square + 3 x cube minus 5 Y is a continuous and differentiable function it is given that X is a Montauk Nikli increasing function and jio0 is equals to 4 which one is not true to find which is not true for first of all this is most important but not and X is given as Z Square X by 2 + 3 x cube minus 5 give now you know that it's dash X it monotonically increasing function that means it is always greater than zero so you can say that ji of x x ji dash X is greater than what - 9 X square + c square x square - 9 x square now integrating both the site will have GX dash x dx
01:00 - 01:59is greater than integration of 9 x squared DX and here you have - find negative sign outside the gracious now input the value from 02601 because that is increasing function S Tech negative values of first 40 and 10 and one now putting the value 1 and 0 you have jio 1 square minus jio the whole square divided by 2 Greater than -310 it will be greater than now you can see that Jivan the square it is 0 - 16 greater than 20 G of Z 200 is given as four in the question only so here is why it is for the square which is 16 you can see it is four square that is 16 and ji of zero is equal to four given that I
02:00 - 02:59have written divided by 2 and vendors to boost decided - 6 answer ji of one the whole square is greater than 10 plus minus 6 plus 15 step now similarly if you are going to put the cost is differentiable function not taken take a negative value also -12000 because increasing function is ethics and we're talking about GST can take for -10 also greater than -1 0 9 x square and the negative sign here how many division in the value minus zero GF -1 the whole square the whole square divided by 2 Greater than - 30 - now hair we can write 00144 square is what 16 - of the of minus
03:00 - 03:591 by 2 is equals to minus 3 can be written as / to can be going to this site it will be 6 again it's not equal to 16 - ji of -1 the four square - 6 x minus 1 the whole square is less than 22 because - 6 - 22 and changing the negatives and will be imported fitness less than 20 22 can say that each of 5 is greater than what its of 0 so ab 5 is greater than G square of 0-4-2 that can be written as plus 3 also -5 because what you have put the value here there in the whole function that is the squared and this all function then you have put their 0 that will be what three
04:00 - 04:59years of age of 5 is greater than 3 number cha5 by 2 is less than 2 is not correct because this also correct this also correct correct 10223 have proved it and it is not

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