Consider the function f(x)=8x^2-7x+5 on the interval [-6,6]dot Find the value of c that satisfies the conclusion of Lagranges mean value theorem.



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Updated On: 27-3-2021

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00:00 - 00:59the question is considered the function which is f x is equal to 8 x square - 7 x + 5 on the interval interval -62 se fine the value of C satisfy the conclusion of lagrange mean value theorem that lagrange mean value theorem is saying that lagrange mean value theorem exchange that if function let se f x is continuous continuous in closed interval and why it is differentiable different civil defence Evil in open interval and we then there exist a c such that its belongs to between interval and we and
01:00 - 01:59fdc is equal to FB - fa10 old / Venus result will be used in our question write this question we have a function which is effects weight and it is equal to 8 x square - 7 x + 5 b and b having trouble which is in trouble - 626 closed interval - 6 to 6 year the value of x minus 6 and value of ways as we know that this is a point-to-point normal function is continuous in an interval econavi and it is differentiable in an interval any open interval is it so it is
02:00 - 02:59penis in any closed interval economy and it is defensible any interval open interval 100 it means they exist AC which is belongs to between -2 and hair we know that fdc is equal to every - as a then whole divided by minus 2 first of all we will calculate the value of FD tax rate so ab test x effect which is 8 x square - 7 x + 5 x differentiation of a taxpayer 8 give 16x that because we know that DY DX of its gives X red and DY DX of X is gives one flat and DY DX of
03:00 - 03:59centrum it's give zero this list are rules of differentiation will be used here and after using we will get in place of x square a different experience gives 228 It's become 18 16 16 16 x minus differentiation of 7x Give 7 because differentiation of x is one right and you can see that this is a constant of differentiation of an ecosystem is give you so we can get 90 x is equal to 3 x minus 7 this is explained auraton se AP DSC is equal to 16 C - 78 because in place of X put it right this value of AC right now we calculate the value of FD rates value of waste
04:00 - 04:59it means f-68 sunao in place of X we put text right after putting will get here it into 6 square in place of x square - 7 into in place of xef6 + here if you solve this then you will get here 288 - 42 plus 5 wait for your father solve then you'll finally get here 251 right now we will calculate same as well as their value of 1 - 6 will find the F - 68 so it comes out 8 into minus 6 whole square it it is meant as we know that minus 1 whole square it gets one right so hair - 7 into minus 6 plus 5
05:00 - 05:59call this then you will get here here because minus minus plus it it will come 42 plus plus 5 and if you ever get here a right now she was applied to the all the values in power equation which is AC is equal to every minus 3 upon B minus C right so after addition we will get in place of fdc we can write as 16 C minus 7 by 8 and it is equal to FB rites share value of a 251 so we can write 251 - every which is here 3335 then hold / value of we have value of x and value of is minus 6
06:00 - 06:59It's become - 7 then whole divided by 12 guide here you can see that this is 16 - 7 it is equal to minus 7 then hold hair can see that I'm right and wrong yeah this is -84 let me collected this is -84 It's become -84 y12red so -84 if you can see that well and 184 get cancelled out at minus applied so finally you will get here 16c -7 it is equal to minus 7 also write as 16 C is equal to minus 7 plus 75 which is equal to write it means value of C here is you
07:00 - 07:59final answer of this question that and which is belong to in between interval - 62 62 this is our final answer thank you

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