Consider the following system of equations `a_1x+b_1y+c_1z=d_1, a_2x+b_2y+c_2z=d_2, a_3x+b_3y+c_3z=d_3` Let `/_\= |(a_1,b_1,c_1), (a_2,b_2,c_2), (a_3,b_3,c_3)|, /_\_1= |(d_1,b_1,c_1), (d_2,b_2,c_2), (d_3,b_3,c_3)|, ,/_\_2=|(a_1,d_1,c_1), (a_2,d_2,c_2), (a_3,d_3,c_3)|,, /_\_3=|(a_1,b_1,cd_1), (a_2,b_2,d_2), (a_3,b_3,d_3)|`, The given system of equations will have i. unique solution if `/_\!=0` ii. infinitely many solutions if `/_\=/_\_1=/_\_3=0`. iii. no solution if `/_\=0 `and any of `/_\_1, /_\_2, /_\_3` is none zero. On the basis of above informatioin answer thefollowing questions for the following system of linear equations.<br>.` x+y+z=6, x+2y+3z=14, 2x+5y+lamda=mu` <br>The given system of equations has infinite solution if <br>(A) `lamda=8, mu=36` <br>(B) `lamda!=8, muepsilon R`<br>(C)` lamda=8, mu!=36` <br>(D)` lamda!=8, mu!=36`

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Hello today we have a question the question is considered the following system of equation in this we have a One X + 1 Y + c one that is equal to De 1 and 2 X + 2 Y + Z is equal to T2 and then it reads + B3 + C3 Z equal to what AVN year we're given Delta is equal to 11 b 172 B2 C2 C3 783123 this is our delta delta is where we replace B1 B2 B3 and then Delta 3 is very nice C1 C2 C3 given when the system of vacation to have unique solution and get it is not equal to zero then on this system will have unique solution to have infinitely many solutions Delta 1 equal to delta delta 3 equal to Delta which should be the same data value should be seen to have no solution we get equal to zero any one of these delta delta delta delta 390

real given system of equations which are X + Y + Z equal to 6 X + 2 Y + 3 Z is equal to 14 and then we have 2 X + 5 Y + Lambda equal to me and what are we supposed to find it should have infinite solution infinite solutions and every one of the day zero net means latest Ek initially Delta equal to zero what is Delta 11385 this should be quite question of this is our Delta value l evaluate this is one into two Lambda -15 minus 1 into what is Lambda - 6 + 1 into x minus 4 is equal to zero is that means you get to landour - 15 - Lambda + 1 + 1 is equal to cm

Icelander - 15 + 69 + 1 is Lambda - 8 equal to zero that implies Nanda is equal to 8 and we have to find what is the value of Mu for which it will have unique infinitely many solutions that means latest Ek let us suppose a delta 3 to BC if anyone can we can take delta H and Delta to a territory we are taking Delta 3 latest adultery what is data 3 it is nothing 11 and 6 and then 12 and 14 and then it is 25 and then they should be equal to zero evaluate this is one into two new -2 what is 14 in 25 it is 70 - 1 into new -28 16 25 - 4 = 20 - 7

- 2 + 28 + 6 is equal to zero that implies Mu - 70 + 34 equal to zero net implies new -36 equal to zero that implies new equal to 36 Ahir new equal to 36 and Lambda equal to 8 hour answers where we get infinite number of solutions this is our time

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