Consider the following statements : <br> p: He is intelligent <br> q: He is strong <br> Then symbolic form of statements 'it is wrong that he is intelligent or strong's



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Updated On: 10-5-2021

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`~p vv~q``~pvvq``~p^^~q``p^^~q`

Answer :
Solution :
The symbolic meaning of the statement is `~(pvvq) -=~p^^~q`



00:00 - 00:59the question given us consider the following statements bhi he is intelligent Q he is strong then symbolique form of statements it is wrong it is intelligent strong is so you have to write a singular form of this now first of all it is a wrong take this part so it is even a negotiation it is over negotiations symbolise a task that talk about that he is intelligent intelligent power and strong is over it and if I talk about if I talk about this aur in set this is a union but here it is the symbol of this symbol is called disjunction so we can write
01:00 - 01:59does a mathematical form like this like this negotiation bracket for you so now I am applying I am applying identity I am applying n t i am opening the bracket and multiplying the negotiation multiplies the negotiation the P becomes negotiation p and S disjunction becomes conjunction conjunction means or becomes and and x cube at becomes negotiation so this is our third option third option is over right answer

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