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Class 7






Algebraic Expressions


Collect like terms and simplif...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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Solution : `12m^2 - 9m + 5m- 4m^2 -7m + 10` <br> `= 12m^2 - 4m^2 - 9m+ 5m - 7m + 10` <br> `= m^2[12-4] + m[-9+5-7] + 10` <br> `= 8m^2-11m+ 10` <br> answer

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hi students are question is collect like terms and simplify the expressions firstly like terms means which have you know same algebraic which have same same algebraic factor right same algebraic same algebraic factor or we can say same variables right same algebraic factors or same variable now if we can observe in the given question 12 x square - 9 M + 5 Y - 4 x square - 7 and + 10 so 12mm square has the expression for algebraic factor as m square right now let's check which other term has the expression for the factor as m square so here we can see in four n square is the factor is again m square right so we can take 12 m square and 4 - 4 m square together

now we check the terms for M right which have the factor m in the expressions M - 9 M right has MS its factor plus 5 M right and minus 7 M now the only term left is 10 which has no variables of + 10 now 12 - 4 is a side dishes 8 x square minus plus minus sin sin will be of the greater 10 - and 9 - 5 is force of 4m and minus 7 M + 10 right so 8 m square right again 4 - and minus minus plus and sign will be of Greater 10 - 4 and 7 is 11 - 11 M + 10 this is the required equation or expression

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