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Class 11






Binomial Theorem


Coefficient of certain power o...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello is video mein Dekhenge Ki Kisi bare mein expression Ke Jo variable hai uska koi power Hamen given hai to uska Khoob mission Kaise final Karenge jaise ki bhajan expression Express a to the power and expansion in Binomial Theorem sage automation arakkal 202 n x to the power n minus 6 into NCR in 2 to the power theek hai ab Jante kiske generator motor that is taiyar plus one Hua Hoga NCR x to the power n minus A into a to the power are take to Dekhi samajhne ke liye example Karte Hain To example Hai To x square - 3 x ki power 11 Kyunki extra M Mein Hai To Hamen kasht karna vah to access not equal to zero question Hamara Kya Main to find x to the power 10 ka Coefficient theek to Dekhi ismein variable variable k map ki power ki bhi nahin latest end is power Coefficient hoga

Uske expansion Mein uska Hamen valuefin karni hai ki pahle Ham is bare mein expression ke Janata Mrityunjay Thomas taiyar + 1 is equal to 11 c h x Mein Saiya pura term 2 x square keyhole power n minus into minus 3 upon X ^ are simplified bgt ho jaega - 1 to the power are 11223 power 11 - 6 into 10 to the power power ke bare mein Milegi dated 22 - 2 x automatski power project a Jackie negative into 3 to the power are Tik Tok cycle registry aaega - 1 to the power 4 11 CR 2 to the power minus 2 into 3 to the power 2 x to the power 22 - 3 are Aarti are present and that is RPS 18 term power 10 to the power 10

expression Mein Kab a sakta hai jo yah Jo value that is 22 - 3 = 10 ke To Ham Kya Karenge 22 - 38 Karenge Taron Se Taron Se Aaegi condition 22 - 10 12 this is equal to 3 year which implies are equal to 4 cm is equation market forces Karenge to Milega x to the power 10 Vakya ke 4/54 Plus latest E5 that is fifth term is minus 1 to the power 4 11 c422 the power 11 - 4 into 3 to the power 4 into 10 to the power 22 - 12 letters 10 ok aur Hamen fine karna hai koi efficient Koi pahchan kya hua Coefficient Hoga is very well ke aage wali Puri value Hui Hai previous year for coefficient of x to the power 10 is -1 to the power 4 + 1 into 11042 to the power 7 into 3 to the power 4 yoga is ka

this is the answer to is tarike se Ham Kisi Bahane milk expression ke variable ki koi power given hai to uska commissioner fine kar sakte hain


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