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Class 9






Compound Interest (Using Formula)


Calculate the amount on Rs 7,5...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : Rs 927

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hello friends are question is calculate the amount on rupees 7500 in 2 years at 6% compounded annually clear it is given that b is equals to 7,500 that is your principal rate of interest is equal to 6% and time is equals to 2 year clear and we know that amount is equals to p into 1 + Aaye 100 raise to the power source substituting the value for p7500 into oneplus 6 EP 100 race to the party that is to say by solving this this becomes air we take LCM so hundred plus 6a 100 whole square so this is equals to 7,500 Pintu 106 upon hundred

whole square which can be written as 7502 106 into 106 upon 110 200 2020 cancel out 25253 TSA and this cancel out with two so by multiplying this 3 into 53 into 53 our answer is 8427 sofa amount is this

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