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Pair Of Straight Line


Bisector of angle between the ...

Bisector of angle between the pair of lines


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hello everyone is video mein Ham Dekhenge bisector of bisectors of angle between pair of straight line ok so Ham Kya pair of straight line kaun si consider a pair of straight line let us consider the pair of straight line considered latest consider the consider the pair of straight lines represented by the pair of straight line consider a row straight line pair of straight line pair of straight line represented by a square represented by X square + 2 x y x square + 2 X Y + Y square is equal to zero ok so ab Hamen digital karna kya hai ki Hamare Jo bisector sochte Hain bisectors Unka combined

equation find Karenge rough Idea yah hai ki sabse pahle Ham Kya Kya consider Karenge ki equation is equation se is equation represented by two straight line consider karte hain SO Jivan given equation represents straight line select the given equation let the given equations given equation represents a straight line represents the straight lines straight lines from ki yah question jo hai vah is equal to Y - 1 x is equal to zero and Y minus 2 is equal to zero se represent ho theek hai so I am 1 m to MM

relation and the solution Mein Kya Hota Hai which baby aur M1 M2 the product hota hai AVN into the product Ham is a straight line Ham padhe the To Ham yah Jante Hain Ki equation of bisector Soham Jab stateline padhe Se To Ham bhi Jante the ki decoration of bisectors ke Hoti Hai decoration of equation of bisector bisectors of the angles of the angles angle between straight line straight lines in

1 and 2 1 and 2 in 1 Lete Hain To Soham in equation ke bich Mein Jaenge Uske bisector unke bisectors ka question Jante Hai Na sone ke bisector ka question kya hota hai y - 1 x y - 7 x by root over oneplus one square is equal to hota hai y - 2 x divided by root 2 plus minus y minus 7 x upon 1 + 1 square root 1 + 1 is equal to plus minus so root 1 + 2 square so please do in the desert to equations theek hai so DJ Radhe Krishna bisectors of angles between straight lines in equation ka combined equation find Karenge

elocution Kya Hai Hamari a question Hamari why mines m1x bhai 1 + 1 square minus y minus 2 X upon Root over 1 + 2 square mm to square is equal to zero this this is one allocation commerce for mein likhate hain and Y minus 1 upon Root over oneplus m2m 1 Square India + Y - 2 X upon Root over oneplus M1 M2 square is equal to zero ya dusra equation of bisector theek hai ab ine bisectors ka combined equation nikalenge combined question of therefore the combined of

joint equation of therefore therefore the joint equation of the bisectors basically Hamen Yahi find karna hai is problem ismein Mein Yahi phone kar giant question Ho joint equation joint effusion of these bisectors the joint occasion of bisectors sorry joint equation ok so Kaise find Karte Hain To Krishnanagar to equation of just multiply ok just X them so yahan se kya ho jaega Y - 1 x y - 1 X by root over 1 + M1 square minus y minus m2m 2x Root over oneplus M2 square ok into Y minus One X Root over 1

+ M1 square + Y + Y - 2 x divided by root over 1 + M2 square Cisco multiply karte hain so this is a minus b and a + V so this is equal to a square + b square so why - 1 X Root over 1 + 1 X 1 square ka whole square minus y minus 2 x y - 2 X upon Root over 1 plus M2 square ka whole square ka whole square is equal to zero sunao just simplified Y minus y square open the square y square

one square x square - 21 X Y and cross multiply and into 1 + 2 square A minus y square + 2 square x square - 2 m 2xy into 1 + 1 square inch to oneplus one square simply simplify more aur symbolise hai karna isko Soch simplify Karenge to yah kya ho jaega aap just murder price first X 1 x square y square - 2 X 1 x y x cm to square y square mm to square then M1 M2

one square mm to square x square ok next Terminus to M12 M1 M2 Square x y then again in English X again minus y square 1st term then X 1 first then M2 Square x square then M2 square access then a minus minus plus plus 2 m 2 X Y and x minus 3 x minus A square minus 1 square y square Zen - M1 M2 to square x square minus minus again plus 2 M21 Square

X Y is equal to zero sunao Dekhen ki kaun kaun si train cancellation voice Choir will be cancel out by this y square and this is cancelled by this disturb ok and now write the remaining terms remaining X camera take common voice ka them to square minus one score 1 - x square Ka Mandir again from here - x square - 2 x square - M1 M2 and remaining term 1 xy xy xy and the remaining terms are first term M2 then M2 - sem 1 +

10 + m2m 1 square m2m 1 square minus one m to square is equal to zero now gain from whole simplified more y square M2 plus M1 and M2 plus M1 M2 - M1 sexy videos minus x square + 1 M2 plus M1 M2 - M1 + 2 x y sem 2 - M1 Airtel common - M1 M2 again we have M2 - M1 M2 - M1 so from Holt just divide chasing someone is not equal to M to

divide by 1 minus into minus someones so remaining terms oneplus M2 - X square + M2 plus two x y 1 - M1 M2 so ab Ham Kya Karenge good values of Eminem tournament M1 and M2 Hamara tha -2 HYD so why square Eminem 22 - 28 b b will be common and remaining Thomas y square minus x square and Yahan to xy 1 - 1 -2 why we will be equal to zero then again Yahan per simplified to 2 x square minus y square

+ 2 to cancel x y b minus b is equal to zero score or Karenge To Hamen finally Milega x square minus y square by a minus b is equal to x y y h so this is the required equation of bisector of angle of pair of straight lines and this is very important trailer please remember this also so next video mein Ham Karenge Kuchh aur important results about pair of straight lines