Updated on:30/05/2023

Ayush bought a bicycle for Rs. 6250 and had to sell it for Rs. 5875. Find his loss and loss per cent.


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The correct Answer is Loss = Rs. 375, Loss% = 6%


hello everyone does all the question the question says Ayush bought a bicycle for Rs 6250 and had to sell it for rupees 5875 find his loss and the loss percentage in the question the cost price is given as 6250 cost price equal to rupees 6050 price equals to rupees 5875 loss formula is equal to cost price minus selling price that is equal to 6250 - 5875 after subtraction drill get as rupees 375
this is the loss here now we need to find the loss percentage loss percentage equal to loss upon cost price X hundred equal to the loss was 375 upon cost price of 6250 X hundred zero cancel bike zero and after solving this equation will get 6% to the loss hi movas 375 and loss percent was 6% thank you


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