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At Frank's pizza a medium pizza is priced at $12.95 and a large pizza is priced at $15.95. A larger pizza has a diameter of 8 inches and smaller pizza has diameter 6 inches. Carlos would like to by the pizza that costs the least per square inch. Select the expression that represent the difference in areas of the large and medium pizza

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Text Solution

`(15.95.)/(64pi)-(12.95)/(36pi)` `(15.95)/(16pi)-(12.95)/(9pi)``8pi-6pi``16pi-9pi`

Answer :


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restaurant at questions given at thanks pizza in medium Pizza prices 12.95 dollar and Ilaaj danger it price at 15.9 58 inches and smaller Pizza head diameter 6 inch Carlos would like to buy the pizza that caused the list but is wearing black that present that represent the difference in age of large and medium pizza in the question we have to find the difference of area of larger and medium size Pizza then restart large pizza as diameter medium

diameter that radius always equal to diameter by 2 and we know that pizza has a circular and we know that the of circle is always equal to Pi R Square and now we find the area of large Pizza area of last that is Pi R Square aunty videos of of diameter

8.4 square and if the soldiers will get this 16589 find area of medium Pizza using Pi R Square and radius is divided into 3 square and it is equal to 95 unit and the question we have to find the difference between areas then we can write its in 5 - 95 and our final answer if we compare our answer with given option we will get option correct thank you

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