Assertion (A): z_1,z_2 and origin form an equilateral triangle if p^2=6q for the equation z^2 + pz+q=0, Reason (R): Triangle having vertices z_1,z_2,z_3 in the Argand plane is equilateral if z_1^2+z_2^2+z_3^2=z_1z_2+z_2z_3+z3z_1 (A) Both A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A (B) Both A and R are true R is not te correct explanation of A (C) A is true but R is false. (D) A is false but R is true.



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Updated On: 3-7-2021

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00:00 - 00:59hello Sia the question is assertion is that one Z2 and origin common equilateral triangle if P is equal to 6 you for the equation that is correct P + 30 + 2 = 20 reason triangle having said that when Z2 z3 in the organ playing is equal lateral if that one is vital that is square + b square equal to Z1 Z2 plus that to that she was that one in which of the following is the correct option to check it was it is given that Z1 Z2 in Origin for men equilateral triangle ok so let this is our equilateral triangle ok this is the queen of this is that went and Z2 ok so we know that equation given to us it is that a square + b then + Q is equal to zero ok now we can find the route of this route of this will be it is minus plus minus 3 x square - 4
01:00 - 01:59q and this is / ok so from where we can find the truth that is that when is equals to are -3 it is + root p square - 4 q and it is divided to ok and get to it -3 it is minus b square minus 4 upon to ok now in the question is it is given that now in the question it is given that former Collateral triangle for from here we can sell out of that one minus that 2 is equals to MOD of that was ok to the side of the triangle will be equal here we are giving the value atah to make a calculation simple Oreo Sabhi Ko In this we have to find the mode of all these values from here on out of that one minus that you will be when we do the Z1 - 32 people to term is concerned with the image returns to the mode of Z1 - that to the
02:00 - 02:59value of this will be close to our root p square - 4 OK when we described on the outside this valuable because to armod Z1 - 22 all is why it is p square - 4 ok now you will find the value of the more that one ok the value of the most that when it will be the square of the real part and the square of the imaginary part so it is a square minus 4.4 under root ok now this value will be on doing the square it is positive into the hole is this value will be p square + b square minus 4 upon 4 ok let this is our first equation this is our second location ok so when we put the equation equal when we put first request to S ok because this is equilateral triangle so this will be a square + b square minus 4 upon 4 is equal to
03:00 - 03:59p square - 4 OK from here we can write this is a square + b square minus 4 q and this is for p square - 4 Kyon ok on for the simplification this is a p square - 4 x square - 4 x square - 4 cube so we can write this is a c p square - 4 Q ok from here we can write this is a value to p square and it is 12 you ok this will you please call cost to fix you ok obtain the equation for recession first that are Z1 Z2 in origin form in equilateral triangle if we skyquest 262 for the equation z square + PX + Q courses in our first assertion is now the next triangle having what is a Z1 Z2 z3 in the organ plate it letter triangle if this equation is given OK so
04:00 - 04:59the equation is given to us it is our equation is rz1 square + Z 2 square + 3 square and it is it is equals to not + sin this is equal to Har Z1 Z2 plus Z2 z3 and this is that she said was ok in the reason it is given that this angle triangle ok this is a triangle Z1 Z2 z3 and it is given that this is a equilateral Triangles of it is MOD of that one minus 2 is equals to word of that to my previous post modem 3 - that were given ok now the next if you take this equation the question will be weak and that it can be returned Z1 Z2 plus Z2 z3 plus that she is
05:00 - 05:59and one it is minus that one is square minus that to square minus b square and ok bye have led us to Rs ok on we can write it is a on taking that one common it is dead 2 - that were on taking too common it is that 3 - Z2 ok on taking that's the common it is Z1 - z3 and this term is equal to zero ok now this term can be returned it is Z 2 - Z1 Plus it is a to z 2 - that when it is plus that remained Z2 finance ok this is given to cause equilateral triangle ok now this term on simplification ok sorry that is another term there will be that to Z 3 - that it is plus battery Z1 and this is minus b square
06:00 - 06:59ok on simplification when we simplify this equation we got this equation ok now we can write samast D'Souza only writing it is are equal to minus of Z1 - Z2 square and this is plus Z2 square minus Z1 Z2 plus Z2 z3 and this is minus that two square and its uses a plus z3 that 1 - 3 square = 20 ok we can write atom is this ok now further it is minus Z1 - that to square ok on taking that took it is taking that to comment this is a - Z1 ok we are taking that to comment from here this that is why is cancelled by this now the next we are taking that this is that one minus 3 is equal to zero we
07:00 - 07:59are taking a ok now further we can get it is our weekend I do Saja Z1 - Z2 to the whole square ok with negative sign this is plus that 2 -3 ok we have taken the common is that 2 -3 because that 3 - 81 is common here on taking the time to write inside this will be our Z1 - That 22 the whole square is equal to Z 2 - 3 x minus that ok now we can data term is this is our ok so we have obtained and -2 to the whole square equal to that 2 - 3 - we can also write it Z1 - that she to the whole OK when we multiply with this when you are taking to this will be close to our the true
08:00 - 08:59-3 and -2 ok and it is ac3 - that was so we find the value of Z1 - 32 the ok likewise we can also find the value of this is a z 2 - 32 the whole cube this value is also 2 -3 and -2 and this is actually minor segment let we can also find the value of that when it is that 3 - that she - that we can also also find the value of Dead 1 -2 to the whole cube is equal to Z 2 - 3 this is that 3 - That 23 - show this value is equals to our it is finally
09:00 - 09:59Z1 - that she to the hall to be request to Z1 - z3 ok this is our sexy ok this is equals to Z 2 - 32 the whole to this is equal to Z1 - That 22.2 ok I have rated this is equilateral triangle prove that you will also require ok so we have proved that the Tigers have it was stated that one that uses in Raghav triggers a Collateral for the equation of a firm here are option is the correct option that is both a and an explanation of

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