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Class 7






Ratio And Proportion


Arrange the following ratios i...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : `9:10 gt 7:8 gt 5:6`

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arrange the following ratios in the descending order for first ratio 5 ratio 7 ratio 8 9 10 for in this type of question we will find the exact value of the ratio and then compare according to the given condition who first one is 5 ratio 6 that is 5-6 46 by 548 now it will give you to taking 0 it will give you 18484 and the City 3 time for it will be to taking more 06318 now will give you again to 50 spelling will be 0.833 3 Nov 2nd 17 ratio it it will be equal to 7 by 8 now dividing it

7 0.75 third ratio is 9 ratio 10 is the simplest 19 b n which is equal to 0.90 so we have to decide arrange in descending order for the greatest value of this one as you can see and the second greatest one is this end the least one is so we have to arrange in the descending order who we will write the first the greatest one that is 9 then second one is 7 ratio it then 5 ratio fix this is our answer

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