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Area enclosed by two concentri...

Area enclosed by two concentric circles

Updated On: 27-06-2022



Step by step solution by experts to help you in doubt clearance & scoring excellent marks in exams.


area enclosed between two concentric circle sabse pahle Kaun Centre Kya Hota Hai Kaun centric concentric ka matlab hota hai sim Centre to aise circles in ka Centre CM in circles ya Arc ko concentric V Hai To Jaise yah to circle Bane Hue circle Sivan Jo blue Mein in circle C2 Jo pink hai yah donon concentric Hai ine donon ka Centre same point point Hai Kisi bhi coordinates plane per Hamen Koi Sar Ko define karne ke liye do chij pata Hona chahie pahle chij Hai Uska centre centre in dusri Jija uska radius radius so in the centre to SIM ko differentiate karne wali chijen Unka radius circle Jinka same Centre Hai introduce alag alag

circles ko concentric circle bolata Hai Ab ine donon Ke bich Mein enclosed area nikalne use tere ko pahle highlight kar dete To Ham yah highlighted section ka area nikaalne wale circle ka area ho jaega area outer Circle to bhai hai to square in area of the inner circle in a circle is equal to buy urban square Ham outer circle area message outer circle ke bare mein se kar de outer circle ka area Humne highlight kar diya ab ismein Shyam innercircle Ke mere ko subtract kar de to hamare pass Kya Bechega hamare pass bacche ka yah Jo area enclosed between the two circle

Likhenge area out area in Diya Jaega bhai ab to keep it donon Mein aata hai Ham Piko common le lenge Nand Rai Jaega aur to square minus A square free ho jaega area enclosed area and closed between the circles between the concentric circle concentric circles formula

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