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Are the ratios 1:2 and 2:3 equ...

Are the ratios 1:2 and 2:3 equivalent?


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : ​we need to check `1/2=2/3`<br> we have,`1/2=1/2*3/3=3/6`<br> and `2/3=2/3*2/2=4/6`<br> we find `3/6<4/6` <br> which means<br> `1/2<2/3 `<br> Therefore, The ratio `1:2` is not equivalent to the ratio `2:3` ​


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the given questions says that are the ratio 1 ratio 2 and 2 ratio 3 equal a supposed to check whether these ratios are equivalent or not so how are we going to do it is first of all that is first write down the ratios we have the two ratios as 1/2 and 2/3 not to check what you are going to do is nearing to make the denominators of both the fractions for both the richest same so to do that lets first find out the LCM of the digits in the denominator we have two and three in the denominator so to find the LCM we are going to first divided by the prime number 2 we will get 13 then it will be divided by 3 and will get 11 now this the product of these two will give us the as him so as cm23 is equals to 2 x 3 which is

CO2 sex so we are going to make sex in the denominator of both the ratios for the fractions so to do that if you X this fraction by 3 and divided by 3 will get 300/6 and here also to make the denominator 6 we are we should X to show the denominator is 6 so we will have 4 / 6 noisy compare these two fractions what we find is that it 3 by 6 is not equal is not equal to 36 is not equal to 4 / 6 equivalent ratios are those which are equal equal to each other for example if I have if I have some sections Amrish suppose I have 1 divided by 5 so if we multiply and divide it by same number I will get to divided by 10 should to divided by 10 and

15 will be called as equivalent ratio because by multiplying and dividing 1 by 5 by 2 I can reach there I can find a better but in this case but we are finding is that by multiplying and dividing by same number we are unable to reach at a point where both the fractions become the same because 3 by 6 is not equal to 4 by 6 aur dis aur this also means that because 3 by 6 is actually one by two because we have multiplied and divided by 3 and 4 by 6 is actually to very so we can also see that actually one by two is not equal to 2 by 3 1 by 2 is not equal to 2 by 3 that means answer is no these ratios are not equivalent

that's all thank you