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Class 7






Perimeter And Area


ARE: The area of a region form...

ARE: The area of a region formed by a square of side one decameter (1 dam) is called an are written as `1dam^2` or 1 are.

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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MS video mein area Ki Ek Aur square of side 1 d a m se is called in one dam square of 1 to Agar hamare pass 1 square area Jiski sidelined kya hai 1 Dam Dam Dam Dam west side length with donon Hi Sahi spelling Van Dam ko Van Damme se bhi DM se bhi Din Hote Karte enclosed area enclosed within the square is called hair for 1 Dam square to Jaega Van Dam into 1 decameter

is equal to 1 Dam ka square one dam square aur isko main bol sakta hun 12 mutual use karte Nahin Hai Ham Unity kam use karte Ham usually m square centimetre square millimetre square Mein kam Karte per Agar Kahin question Mein a Jaaye ki Van Dam square yah one area Mein Pata Hona chahie kitna hota hai Dam kya hota hai uske liye main yah Pata Hona chahie 21 Dam hota hai 10 m 1 Dam kitna hota 10 metre to sq ft conversion Karenge Sare Dam square ko mm square centimetre square metres per convert Karenge to Dam square one dam into one dam mlx Hamen Pata Hai Vande ka metre kitna hota hai Hota Hai

Ya Ho Jaega 10 metre into 10 M ho jaega 110 hundred metre into m m square 21 Dam square one dam square kitna hota hai hundred metre square to isko 1 AVI bolate Hain usko kya bol sakte hain 100 square next conversion cm to convert Karenge one dam collapse 21 Dam square ko likh sakta hun main one dam into one dam 23 ko Mein Likh sakta hun 1 Dam Kitna ho jaega one metre is one metre is 100 CM CM CM 10 cm 2001 Dam 10000 thousand in 2001 Dam ka square Kitna 10 to the power 6 CM square

Dam ka square is equal to 10 to the power 6 CM square to acre conversion of mm square convertcart 21 Dam square is equal to 1 Dam into one dam Mein Likh sakta hun mujhe yah Pata Hai Vande ka metre is equal to 1000 to 10000 Ho Jayega 10000 mm 10002-1 Dam square is 10000 mm into 10010 the power 4 into 10 to the power 4 mm mm square 1 aur unit Ho Gai Hamari ka complete one day car metre square to the 10th power CM square to the power 8 mm square yah 10 to the power to M

hundred metre square to metre conversion Hamare over next video mein padenge abhi Dam square is also called as one year Humne bhi 1 Hare ke bare mein Pada ab next video mein Ham Wan ha padenge Chilli bahut kam use Hone Wali United villages Mein villages mayfield ka area nikalne ke liye ek bahut common you unit kya hai sakta h e c t a r i next video mein padegi ki ha Kya Hota Hai


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