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An integer m is said to be rel...

An integer m is said to be related to another integer n if m is a multiple of n . Check if the relation is symmetric, reflexive and transitive.



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Updated On: 24-3-2021

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00:00 - 00:59the question is an easier and is said to be related to another integer and if m is a multiple of and check if the relation is symmetric reflexive and transition to relation R which contains a and type element such that M is a multiple of and now we have to check that are symmetric reflexive and transitive now reflexive relation R is reflexive if a belongs to our for a belongs to where is a set of integers now take an example One belongs to Z and 11 belongs to class
01:00 - 01:591 is a multiple of 1 is equal to 1 into 1 now this implies any element of can be written as one into a this implies a a films 2016 no for symmetric we know that a relation R electric if we belongs to the this implies BCom I also belongs to are now take example that 6 Kumar to belongs to 8 6 is multiple of 2 but
02:00 - 02:59two Commerce six does not belong to us as to is not a multiple of 6 this implies is not connected now what can take you know that a relation R is transitive Ek biwi long tour BCom 80 belongs to are then this implies also belongs to are now if a b belongs to this implies a is a multiple of B and if BCom 80 belongs to her in this implies B is a multiple of
03:00 - 03:59she take a common sense is a multiple of b and b is a multiple of see this implies is also multiple of sea as is a multiple of B2B A4 size to and into the air and belongs to a natural number now is a multiple of 2 here we can write 20 equals to how to see ambulance natural number now is equals to anything to be and the value of 20 mm to see so here and into them into se we can write any two MS some
04:00 - 04:59Toshiba TV belongs to some natural number from here we can say is a multiple of C this implies r s transit

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