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An endless inextensible string...

An endless inextensible string of length 15 m passes around two pins, A and B which are 5 m apart. This string is always kept tight and a small ring, R, of negligible dimensions, inserted in this string is made to move in a path keeping all segments RA, AB, RB tight (as mentioned earlier). The ring traces a path, given by conic. C, then:



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Conic C is an ellipse with eccentricity `(1)/(2)`Conic C is an hyperbola with eccentricity 2Conic C is an ellipse with eccentricity `(1)/(3)`Conic C is an hyperbola with eccentricity `(3)/(2)`

Answer :



00:00 - 00:59hello guys it is given that an endless inextensible string of length 15 M passes through two trains A and B which are 5 metre apart the string is always kept it and small ring are of negligible dimension inserted in the string is night to move in a part keeping segment all the segment Aaye baby RB tight as mentioned earlier traces of given by konisi where to find what is the which type of conic is in the options there are you like and let us to see is and hyperbola the centre is it to see is an ellipse with the centre City 1 by 3 and season hyperbola eccentricity 3 by 2 super Speedo find out that actresses wearing dresses A pass of ellipse and hyperbola understand that what is the question is saying this is a this is
01:00 - 01:59this is a and b now a ring attached with the trim string is with a string is there string is like a and that this is a single string which is inextensible of length 15 M tried the length of the total length of the string is 15 what is saying that this point there is a ring are noticing that the point A and B are not moving and this string always get tight and the RRB RRB abe all these points are right keeping the this is saying that in certain string as made of this is the point Aaye vrb is always type which please please no slack in this spring now this ring is moving right now we are tracing the
02:00 - 02:59path so this part will become an early because as we know with the definition of Alif that if a point is the distance of the sum of the distance of a point from this too is constant then this will tractor parts of Allah let me the definition here if a if the if the oh the distance between between this the distance between this and the point to the foci distance between a point to the foci then the coin will Trace the
03:00 - 03:59trace the path of trace the path of and right now we go to know that this will Trace the path to help with this option and this option is a wrong option so now we are to find The authenticity of this write a diagram here clean diagram here so we will draw the co-ordinate Axes these are all co-ordinate Axes let name the co-ordinate Axes let's say this is a x axis y axis and let's assume this is point a and this is point B now it is also mention in the question that the distance between points A and B is 5 M so this is 2.5 and this is 2.5 metre here right now as we know that this is a Alfred so let's make a rough diagram of an ellipse
04:00 - 04:59now at an instant when the point are the ringer is at this point so let's not found that this the ring is at least at this point on the top of the minor axis let's connect this point This is a ring here so this is totally 15 the now the system is symmetrical so this become 15 by to now as per the standard notation this length is b and this online fees this Holland is a right now we will use the Pythagoras theorem in this triangle and we can see here we can write here 15 by two whole square will be equal to 2 by 55 to the 5 by 2 to the whole square + b square now from here b square is equal to 25 25 200/4
05:00 - 05:59b is equals to root of 15 year the value of Valsad to find the value of a and to find the show as we can see here the distance between a and b is 5 metre and these are the four and A and B are the focus so we can write it 5 is equal to two way from here we know that a is equal to 5 by to get the value of a relation between A and B which is this is equal to a square x by 1 minus is this is a relation between a b and b start putting the value in this so this will be b square is equal to x square - 2 the whole square is equal to 5 by 2
06:00 - 06:5925 by 40 now we know that a square has the value to 25 by 45 BA here and we know that a is equal to 5 by 2 we can get the value of so we know that a is equal to 5 by 2 find the value of 22 which is 22554 square on the process of this become a square we will write 25 in place of these will be East 25 by 45 square in both side side carry right now we will just saw this weekend at this point This will goes with night right so this is square is equals to 1 by 9 and the value of g become 1 by 3
07:00 - 07:59now we got that the this is the ring will tracer parts of Alice and the assent to Alice will be won by now this will be our correct option thank you for watching Best of Luck

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