Class 8






Compound Interest


Amit borrowed Rs 16000 at 15/...

Amit borrowed Rs 16000 at 15/2% simple interest .On the same day, he lent it to ashu at the same rate but compounded annually. What does he gain at the end of 2 years?


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hello happy birthday today question is with borrowed rupees 16000 at 15 by 2% simple interest on steam the hill and to assure the same rate compounded annually what does again at the end of 2 years already proven to find again let all the question you so Amit borrowed Rupees at simple interest amount amount amount amount that Amit Neet kutte pay amount that it needs to pay is equal to that was on simple interest you need to pay amount that is principal sir simple interest

and principal plus simple interest and amount it will be principal is 16000 plus simple interest Ki Aarti by hundred hundred it will be 15000 + 16000 x rate of interest is 15 by 2 15 by 2 and 180 college time is it for two years alert open simplification upon simplification but you are getting we are getting 18 18402 pay Amit land the same amount but rate of interest is compounded annually than amount amount

amount that Amit amount that Amit need to need to receive is equal to is equal to is equal to principal + principal + compound interest or we can say it can be also written as principal X 1 + R by hundred to the power Elite RO principal here is 16000 and rate of interest is 15 by 2 and time period is 22 it will become upon simplification it will become 18490 rupees

18490 in here it was 18404 gain after 2 years gain after 2 year Diljit that amount that receive minor amount that he paid it is 18400 game of rupees 90 there is a gain of rupees 19 this is it I hope you understand the solution