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All kings, queens are aces are removed from a pack of 52 cards. The remaining cards are well shuffled and then a card is drawn from it. Find the probability that the drawn card is : a black face card        (b)  a red card.



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Updated On: 11-3-2021

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00:00 - 00:59Student start with all the remaining are equal and then a card is drawn from a find the probability that the Drone card is first a black skirt and be a red card let's start with the solution for all what is told in the first instance that is all queen queen and interest removed from a pack of 52 cards now or 252 card card Arif King 4 card aur of queen and 4 ka Arif ok forecast of Kolkata of queen and 4 card are so total 12 ka have been already taken out having already
01:00 - 01:59from 50 ka and then the remaining card having suffered and in that remaining cards a card is drawn so the total number ka number of cards in a pack we know that he to out of these already 12 card in the form of king queen and acids have been removed so there remain card in the Pack will become is equal to 40 ok let's start with the first won the first one tell that a black ka fore photo to find for the Black fitcart first we have to find number of black black face card remained in out of it now as we know that out of 50 to the total 6 black face cut but
02:00 - 02:594 ka have been already removed in the form of king queen and access from 52 card through the remaining number of black face cards will be remaining number aap black Karte will be nothing but is equal to 2 and the remaining number of cast in the Pack is already we have calculated for it so the probability of getting a black face card will become is equals to remaining number of black card at is to divide by remaining number of ka natak which will be required to 120 now let's chat with another that is in for the second here we have you want to find out a red card find probability of getting a red card out of 26
03:00 - 03:59card are already of rate card out of which already card have been taken out in the form of king queen and so remaining number of rate card remaining number of red card will be nothing but is equals to 26 - taken out removed rate card that will be come is equal to 20 now the probability of getting a rate card will be nothing but is equals to remaining rate card that is 20 / remaining Hindi meaning card in the fact that is totally which will be is equals to 1 by 2 so here is the solution for this particular question I hope you like it solution thank you

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