Add the algebraic expressions: 4xy27x2y, 12x2y6xy2, 3x2y+5xy2


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at the algebraic expressions expressions is 4 x y square - 7 x square by 12 x square - 6 x y square comma minus 3 X square + 5 x y square first of all we know the concept behind the addition of the algebraic expression should be add only like terms and the like terms are dost dance which has same variable
and exponent so we will write the given expression in the addition form that is 4 x square - 7 x square by + 12 x square - 6 x y square - 3 x square by + 5 x y square then we will write the common terms as the nearest form then we will write for x y 5 x square - 6 x y square and plus we will write - 7 x square Y
+ 12 x square Y and minus 3 x square by then we will add and find the final solution then it will be 3 x y square then plus 2 x square Y thank you

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